Continuing Medical Education (CME)

About CME

Continuing medical education expenses are submitted to IUHP. 

The $3,500 allowance is per calendar year, does not carry over, and is prorated for employment period or leaves of absence. 

Additional professional development funds are provided by the academic department as approved by the Chair. 

Please read applicable policies regarding CME and travel. 

In most cases CME expenses will route through IUHP.  Please do not hesitate to ask IUHP—EM coordinator or service line administrator if you have a question.


Indiana Clinic - Physician Continuing Medical Education

Indiana Clinic - Business Travel Expense

IU Travel Management

IU Travel Management may be utilized for professional development as designated by the Chair.


  • Annual CME allowance of $3,500
  • Submit requests for reimbursement with signed, original reimbursement form and receipts to IUHP—EM coordinator within 30 days of date paid
  • Receipts should be taped to blank paper to keep them from getting lost and to help with scanning. 
  • Requests for pre-payment of expenses must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the due date. 
  • Specific membership dues are paid outside of CME, including SAEM (group renewal), ACEP (group renewal), and AAP (dually boarded physicians). 
  • ISMA dues are also eligible, with permission from Chuck or Cherri. 


  • Out-of-pocket reimbursements are generally discouraged.  Sales tax will not be reimbursed on purchases greater than $100, since IU is a tax exempt entity. 
  • Reimbursements are not to exceed $500.  Travel expenses are an exception.  You may pay these and request reimbursement. 
  • At IU, travel is authorized and reimbursement is requested online via OneStart > Travel@IU



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