Survey of over 1000 emergency physicians' opinions on the magnitude of problem caused by variable D-dimer threshold



Cost effectiveness analysis of clinical data from a randomized trial of quantitative pretest probability for patients with chest pain and dyspnea



This is a step-by-step guide in outline format to help health care providers set up an outpatient treatment protocol for PE and DVT in the emergency department setting using monotherapy oral anticoagulation.

Kline-Kabrhel Part I risk factors PE JEM-D-14-00757R2

Kline-Kabrhel Part II exclusion and diagnosis PE JEM-D-14-00756R2

A two-part review accepted (12-28-2014) for publication at Journal of Emergency Medicine. I and Chris Kabrhel attempt to define rational and safe standard in care for the evaluation of patients with possible pulmonary embolism in the emergency department.

Comparative inhibition of delta plasmin vs native plasmin

Laboratory study done with post-doc Nathan Alves PhD characterizing the inhibition of a deletion mutant of plasmin (delta plasmin) with benzamidine derivatives. This knowledge is helping us design a carrier nanoparticle.

One year outcomes ms Accepted AEM

Outcomes of 105 ED prospective patients with VTE treated in our outpatient treatment protocol using rivaroxaban. Daren Beam first author

Cost Analysis Accepted AEM

Case control analysis of VTE patients comparing 50 patients treated with rivaroxaban to 47 patients with LMWH-VKA. First author Zac Kahler.

Proof Kline et al derivation of a screening tool to predict RV dysfunction after CTPA

Simple prediction rule for patietns at high risk of right ventricular dysfunction or overload after negative CTPA. Kline first author, supportive of strategy lead by Frances Russell to use cardiac ultrasound to detect untreated RV and LV dysfunction in the ED.


Survey of 116 emergency physicians about their attitudes, opinions and beliefs about outpatient treatment of PE

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