Medical Science Building


Kline manages 850 sq.ft. of laboratory space in rooms 372, 376, and 443a Medical Science Building on 635 Barnhill Drive.  The Medical Science building is in corridor connection with the Indiana University Hospital, where we collect samples from patients that are analyzed in our laboratories. We have a 100 square foot office in room 371.

We work with several different organisms, ranging from an e coli expression vector to make a mutant plasmin for dissolving blood clots, to rats, pigs and humans with pulmonary embolism. Our main therapeutic goals are to produce clot lysis while not increasing the bleeding risk, and protect the right ventricle from damage. The ICETH document outlines our strategy in detail.

Room 376  Room 372  Room 443a
Room 376 a biochemistry/protein production and purification laboratory. It includes our extensive chromatography columns and a GE Healthcare ATKA 25 Pure M1 chromatography system for protein purification. 96 plate well automated plate reader spectrophotometer (Molecular Devices) with SoftMax pro data acquisition and a -80C Revco monitored freezer for blood storage. The lab includes dickson digital imaging, physiological buffer preparation, micro balance, pH meter, dissection microscope, ultrapure water source, refrigerated centrifuge, image analysis workstations, shaking water bath; computer workstations for histology and cellular image analysis. → Room 372 is equipped to measure hemostasis, coagulation, NOx and cellular metabolism. This  laboratory includes a STA compact coagulation platform capable of measuring d-dimer, fibrinogen, anti-Xa, protime, PTT, Rivaroxaban estimation, thrombin time, protein C, protein S, and any other measurements for thrombophilia (AT, PS, PC), reptilase time, VWF and Lupus Anticoag markers. We have two Haemoscope 5000 thromboelastometry machines with platelet mapping capability, a Sievers nitric oxide analyzer, an Oroboros O2k- high-resolution fluorometry and high fidelity respirometer. All systems have dedicated computers with network integration. The room also has a fume hood and a Beckman Coulter Allegra X-14 4L benchtop refrigerated 10,200g max centrifuge, and a standard refrigerator/-20 freezer.

Room 443a has a rat surgery area, with dander abatement equipment, and where the Langendorff perfusion apparatus that was used for preliminary data is kept. The system is fully operational with temperature control, electronic pacing for heart rate control, gas delivery, high-fidelity digital manometer connection for pressure measurements with a DSI archiving system.

We conduct pig surgeries and experiments in the laboratory space of collaborator Jonathan Tune, PhD ( Dr. Tune’s laboratory is where we perform our pig surgeries.

Faculty Office Building, Eskenazi Health


Kline’s clinical office is in the emergency medicine office suite located at 720 Eskanazi Avenue in the Faculty Office Building adjacent to the Eskanazi Hospital.

The research coordinators, including Randy Ross, Liz Rohn, Cassandra Hall and Dana Musapatika have offices there. Cassandra and Dana primarily enroll patients at Methodist Hospital.

Regenstrief Institute


Kline is also an affiliated scientist with the Regenstrief institute, which allows access to an enormous data repository (

The Regenstrief Institute is an internationally respected informatics and healthcare research organization, recognized for its role in improving quality of care, increasing efficiency of healthcare delivery, preventing medical errors and enhancing patient safety.

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