Current Projects

My main active projects include

  1. Clotfinder. a capnograph-based method of PE detection (ICETH)
  2. The level I PE program: A multidisciplinary, multicenter clinical pathway for fibrinolytic and catheter-based treatment of severe PE.
  3. Direct fibrinolysis: Direct delivery of plasmin and plasmin variants to blood clots. Lead by Work includes a pig model of PE (Daren Beam MD) and a liposome delivery system (Nathan Alves PhD).
  4. The KLOT clinic: an outpatient treatment program for emergency department patients with DVT and PE. Lead by Zac Kahler
  5. Inhaled nitric oxide to treat severe PE: Funded by a UM grant from NIH, I am the PI on this award (see description in ICETH). My coinvestigators include Tim Lahm MD from pulmonology and Ronald Mastouri MD from cardiology.
  6. Exercise for PE. In collaboration with Mary Beth Brown PhD, we seek to determine optimal exercise prescription to improve cardiopulmonary health after PE.
  7. Matrix metalloproteinase-mediated RV injury after PE. Led by postdoctoral fellow, Evandro Neto-Neves, this project seeks a pharmacological cure to RV injury after PE.
  8. Facial expression analysis. This work is being done in collaboration with affect expert Dawn Neuman PhD. In this project, we seek to determine if the lack of facial expression variability serves as an accurate guide to diagnostic test ordering.  This work was the subject of a TEDx Indianapolis talk (
  9. Kline serves as faculty mentor to Alice Mitchell’s sentinel work on mitigating contrast induced kidney injury, and Francis Russell’s work on emergency department detection of right ventricular dysfunction in patients with negative CTPA scans.
  10. Kline is also site PI on three clinical trials being led by Jason Schaffer MD, Ben Hunter MD and Alan E. Jones MD

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