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IMG_2995_IU_Web_1.jpgBrent Furbee, MD
Professor Emeritus Medical Toxicology

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IU Health Methodist B408
1701 N. Senate Blvd., Indianapolis, 46202

Phone: (317) 962-2332


Indiana Unviersity School of Medicine
Fellowship, Medical Toxicology, 1991
Residency, Emergency Medicine, 1980
MD, Class of 1977

About me

Dr. Furbee completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Methodist Hospital in 1981. After several years practicing clinical Emergency Medicine, he completed a Medical Toxicology fellowship at Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix in 1991 and subsequently returned to Indianapolis to found the Medical Toxicology program in 1992. He served as the Medical Director of the Indiana Poison Center from 1988-2015 and continues as a faculty member of the Medical Toxicology Division. He has been board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology. Dr. Furbeeā€™s areas of interest include adverse effects of pharmaceutical agents, forensic toxicology, botanical toxins and arthropod envenomations. He has published several articles and textbook chapters in these areas. Dr. Furbee is Professor Emeritus of Medical Toxicology at Indiana University School of Medicine.

Recent Publications


Welding and parkinsonism.
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Plant poisoning.
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Criminal poisoning: medical murderers.
Furbee RB.
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Hepatotoxicity associated with herbal products.
Furbee RB
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Caveats in interpreting poison control centre data in spider bite epidemiology studies.
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Book Chapters

Snow J, Furbee RB; Opioids; Opioid Poisoning (Chap 305); The Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine, Fifth edition; Edited by Harwood-Nuss, Linden, and Wolfson; Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers, Philadelphia 2014

Furbee RB; Potassium; Criminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives; Jones and Bartlett, Sudbury MA; (2010) pp 129-135

Medical serial killers.
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Neuromuscular blocking agents.
Furbee RB; Neuromuscular blocking agents; Criminal Poisoning: Clinical and Forensic Perspectives; Jones and Bartlett, Sudbury MA; (2010) pp 97-101

 Neurotoxic plants.
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Quinidine, procainamide, disopyramide.
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