Faculty or Staff Name:

Mitchell_Alice.jpgAlice Mitchell, MD
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine

Office Location & Contact
Faculty Office Building, Eskenazi Health
640 Eskenazi Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Phone: (317) 880-3900


Carolinas Medical Center
Fellowship, Research, 2006
Residency, Emergency Medicine, 2002

University of North Carolina
Certificate of Public Health, 2006

University of Utah
MD, Class of 2006
MS, Chemistry, Class of 1997
BS, Chemistry, Class of 1995

Curriculum Vitae

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About me

Alice and her family are recent arrivals to Indianapolis, where they very much enjoy biking on the Monon Trail, visiting the museums downtown and eating at lots of great restaurants.

Current Research

I have broad interest in diagnostic decision-making and the use of diagnostic imaging.  My research focus is acute kidney injury, specifically contrast-induced nephropathy.  I am interested in understanding how this type of kidney injury affects the short and long-term health of patients, in improving the identification patients at risk and preventing contrast-induced nephropathy.  As an emergency physician, I understand the importance of advancements in diagnostic testing, especially CT imaging. I also recognize the unique challenges of integrating research advancements in the clinical setting.  In my research, I take an integrative approach that involves a unique collaboration with nephrologists, radiologists, biostatisticians and operational engineers to evaluate how new biological markers and clinical decision rules will perform in the clinical setting.



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