Do you want to become the best EM physician that you can be?

Serving one of the largest and most diverse patient populations throughout the country, our residents are exposed to an annual clinical census exceeding 250,000 patients across three level 1 Emergency Departments including the State’s only level 1 Children’s emergency department. This unsurpassed EM exposure is complimented by excellent additional experience such as six blocks of critical care medicine.  Our graduates are confident and capable in their care of the sickest patients imaginable.

The clinical training our residents receive prepares them to assume any job in the US regardless of patient acuity or volume.  Our unique scheduling of second year residents allows 2 years of senior level opportunity in our program.

Our vision for education centers on innovation and resident ownership.  We consider our residents as ‘stakeholders’ and encourage them to leave a legacy on the program through their contributions. Our faculty members encourage and welcome resident involvement in order to continually improve the program.  To that end, all residency committees are chaired and populated by residents in order to insure our program remains at the forefront of innovative learning and training.

We also offer many educational opportunities above and beyond our superior clinical training.  One example includes 3 separate voluntary tracks residents can participate in during their training.  Each of our three tracks, academic, advocacy and EMS affords our residents the opportunity to tailor their career focus and gain experience prior to graduation.

We believe in providing our residents leadership opportunities alongside our unique educational offerings. Our residents consistently hold leadership positions on the local, regional, and National level.  Our standard is excellence and our residents continue to meet and exceed that year after year.


All three of our learning facilities are located on the Medical Center campus in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. Indianapolis continues to positively surprise the geographically diverse group of residents that we match year after year with its cultural diversity, high quality living and countless activities that make it a great place to live.

While our core values do not change, we continuously live our mantra – “how can we do this better?” and “what opportunities are here that we aren’t taking full advantage of?”.  While we are one of the oldest EM residencies in the nation, we never rest on our laurels.  As a resident here, you will be part of that change.

We judge our success by the success of our graduates.  Our alumni now number over 500 and practice in 38 states.  Each year, this graduate network facilitates the smooth transition into the next phase of career for our seniors.  We survey every employer that hires our graduates and ask if they would hire our graduates again.  The responses have never wavered…100% would hire our graduates again!

Our best resource at IUSM EM is our residents.  At IUSM EM…we are family and a team.  We look out for and care for each other.  Please don’t pass up the opportunity to ask any one of our residents their ‘story’ and why they chose IUEM.  We are confident that what you’ll take away from this conversation is this:  (1) the training is exceptional; (2) the faculty is invested in the success of every single resident; and (3) your skill set upon graduation will guarantee success in your future in whatever career path YOU choose.

IUSM EM:  Become the best EM physician that you can be.

1701 N. Senate Blvd, B401 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | (317) 962-5975