About us

The IUEM Ultrasound Division has been in existence for many years, with a goal to improve patient care and outcomes through bedside US education, clinical integration and ultrasound research. We care for a diverse, pathology-rich population with a combined annual census of over 230,000 patients at three training sites.

We are actively involved in the residency curriculum with ultrasound education beginning early in residency. Residents have exposure to bedside ultrasound during PGY1 orientation, PGY1 month-long ultrasound rotation, PGY1 and 2 year directed didactics, journal club and SonoKombat, PGY3 ultrasound elective and multiple lectures given on bedside ultrasound throughout the year.

We have an Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship and a popular Clinical Ultrasound Medical Student Elective.

In addition, we are involved in clinical research.  Ongoing projects include right heart assessment in dyspneic patients, acute appendicitis, and community physician utilization. We are a collaborators on the REASON 1 Trial: Sonography in Cardiac Arrest, as well as recipients of the 2013 EMF/Mindray Ultrasound Research Grant.

1701 N. Senate Blvd, B401 | Indianapolis, IN 46202 | (317) 962-5975