About us


To become clinical experts, leaders, and liaisons in Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics; while advocating for our community of patients and trainees.

The idea of a calling to the practice of medicine may seem one of overt optimism, bound to be lost to the reality of the business of healthcare, medical-legal issues, and the decline of the physician status in society. There is, however, a place for this optimist left in a world of uncertainty-a place where the calling to help people of all walks of life is not a cliché but a fact. In this exciting time of family centered care, leaps forward in technology, and the embracing of evidence based medicine, optimism finds herself right at home in a unique group of people. We invite you to become one of them.

Both the specialties of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics attract different people whose caricatures are the cowboy on the front line who throws in lines and tubes and the soft spoken flower who advises families on bicycle helmet safety and safe sleeping practices.

What these people share, however, is the desire to make a difference every day. There are a few people whose desire is to throw in lines and tubes and also provide effective bicycle helmet safety advice. If this combination sounds like you, we welcome you to find out more about the combined training offered in Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

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