Residents from all stages of training are involved with advocacy activities as well as the IU EMSIG. The objectives of our advocacy project are to:

  • Appreciate the importance of many societal factors that influence health, disease, disability, and access to care.
  • Enhance advocacy skills by community, hospital system, and leglslative partnership projects
  • Embrace advocacy as a core professional value for emergency physicians
  • Achieve system and policy social change at the local, state, and national level

"[This program] has taught me that even small interventions can pay huge dividends."
EMAP Volunteer

Advocacy is an important skill set to cultivate during medical education because it gives physicians an avenue to impact the continuum of medical care before a patient is seen in the emergency department and the vision to look for ways to impact health care through patient encounters.

Advocacy Track

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In July of 2009 we formalized our departmental advocacy efforts through the development of the Scholars in Advocacy Track.  This Track serves to:

  • Produce physician leaders in emergency medicine advocacy who will be the voices of change in society
  • Promote patient-centered, not physician centered advocacy strategies
  • Inspire exceptional professionalism and systems-based practice
  • Ingrain physician social responsibility
  • Cultivate advocacy vision that places individual patients in the context of larger community, system, or health policy
  • Teach the basic principles of health policy and interaction with legislative process

These goals will be accomplished through mentoring, modeling, education and outreach, information flow and innovations in scholarship.  

A partial list of activities and opportunities


  • Starfish partnership (Tutoring at risk children)
  • Legislative Reception
  • Statehouse Day
  • EMSC resident member of advisory committee
  • Annual Bike Safety Fair
  • IN State Fair Booth
  • Annual Smoke-out activities

Health Policy Elective Rotation

Yearly Grand Rounds

Writing opportunities

  • IU website
  • SAEM
  • Indy Star

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